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Precautions for wearing protective glasses? Maintenance method of protective glasses

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In the labor production that may damage the eyes, the correct wearing of safety glasses can avoid or reduce the damage to the eyes, so how to wear protective glasses correctly? What precautions should be taken when wearing protective glasses? How to maintain protective glasses when not in use?

1. Precautions for wearing protective glasses

1. Before wearing the protective glasses, you must choose a style of the right size to ensure good tightness and avoid shaking or falling off during operation, which will bring safety hazards;

2. The frame of the glasses should match the face to avoid light leakage from the side. If necessary, use glasses with goggles or anti-side light;

3. Prevent the glasses from being damp and pressed, so as to avoid deformation damage or light leakage;

4. When the protective sheet and the filter are used in combination, the diopter of the lens must be the same.

Second, the maintenance method of protective glasses

1. If the protective glasses are temporarily placed, the outer side of the glasses should be facing up to prevent grinding lenses;

2. After use, apply a specially clean glasses cloth to wipe the protective glasses with water mist and stains;

3. Protective glasses should be placed in the corresponding glasses case. When not wearing glasses, please wrap them with glasses cloth and put them in the glasses case. Please avoid contact with corrosive items such as insect repellents, toilet cleaning supplies, cosmetics, hairspray, medicines, etc. during storage, otherwise the lenses and frames will be deteriorated, deteriorated, and discolored.

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